The BBC covered Prince Philip’s death for hours. Cue the complaints.

Shortly after Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh and husband of Queen Elizabeth II, died on Friday, the BBC cut away from its schedule to broadcast...

How Many Tyrannosaurus Rexes Ever Lived on Earth? Here’s a New Clue

That includes the metabolism. Dinosaurs are no longer thought to be coldblooded like modern-day lizards, but they were probably not as warm-blooded as...

Shares of TuSimple, a developer of autonomous trucks, fall sharply after I.P.O.

Shares in TuSimple, a developer of autonomous trucks that is backed by Volkswagen and UPS, fell sharply on Thursday after its initial public offering,...

Mark Labbett outraged by player’s low offer in ‘slowest ever’ performance on The Chase | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

Mark, 55, was the quizmaster on hand to take on the latest batch of contestants on The Chase who he needed to defeat so they wouldn't walk away with a...

A Bitter Family Feud Dominates the Race to Replace Merkel

BERLIN — With less than six months to go before Germans cast their ballots for a new chancellor, the political vacuum Angela Merkel leaves behind afte...

LaMarcus Aldridge Unexpectedly Retires, Citing Heart Issue

LaMarcus Aldridge, a seven-time All-Star center who recently signed with the Nets, unexpectedly announced his retirement on Thursday, saying he experi...


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