2 mothers carry same ‘miracle’ baby

2 mothers carry same ‘miracle’ baby

Two mothers in Dallas, Texas were able to both carry their baby using a new method of In Vetro Fertilization. WFAA’s Sonia Azad reports.

Two Texas mothers each carried their “miracle baby” because of a medical advance that allowed them to do what they thought was otherwise impossible.

Ashleigh Coulter, 28, and Bliss Coutler, 36, met six years ago and later were married. The couple who desired a baby knew that welcoming their own biological child would require a sperm donor, and some creativity.

“Obviously, us being two women, we were like how can we make this happen?” Ashleigh said. “We felt like there has to be a way.”

It turned out, there was a way for both women to carry their child.

Fertility specialists Dr. Kathy Doody and husband Dr. Kevin Doody at the CARE Fertility in Bedford, Texas, were the first to try reciprocal effortless In Vitro Fertilization using radical technology, which gave Bliss and Ashleigh a shot at motherhood.

“We were just talking one night at home and I said, ‘You know, I think we could use this for a same-sex couple,'” Dr. Kathy recalled. “And Kevin said, ‘I think you’re right. I think we could.'”

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