4 ways the government shutdown impacts food in America

4 ways the government shutdown impacts food in America

The day after President Trump’s televised address about why he wants $5.7 billion to build a security wall along the U.S.’s southern border, the federal government shutdown continues.

It is affecting everything from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and airport security to the National Weather Service and business owners who want Small Business Administration loans.

While some of those things you can temporarily do without — think trips to national parks — food is vital to life.

On day 19 of the partial shutdown, here’s a look at how what’s going on in Washington, D.C., could impact your dinner.

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  1. dank bagel

    Dosent matter the demotards with pelosoisi won't listen I say jail her for treason anyone who let's rapist drug dealers in Should be charged as a accomplis

  2. O Schmidt

    “We’re going to win. We’re going to win so much. We’re going to win at trade, we’re going to win at the border. We’re going to win so much, you’re going to be so sick and tired of winning, you’re going to come to me and go, ‘Please, please, we can’t win any more.’”

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