5 Of The Highest-Rated Sunrise Clocks On Amazon

5 Of The Highest-Rated Sunrise Clocks On Amazon

If your typical morning routine involves being violently awoken by your blaring alarm clock, you might be in need of a better waking routine. That’s where the recent trend of sunrise clocks come into play.

Instead of fumbling in complete darkness to turn off your alarm, sunrise clocks allow you the opportunity to naturally wake up to the rising sun. It’s a gentler way of rising as the artificial light gradually increases almost an hour prior to your alarm time.

This process of increasing light intensity stimulates your body to wake up naturally, rather than forcefully. So if you’re in search of a better morning routine that leaves you ready for the day ahead, a sunrise alarm clock may be the answer to beating your dark circles once and for all. 

See below for the highest-rated sunrise alarm clocks on Amazon:

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