A Dance About the Things We Carry (Sorrow and Rage)

A Dance About the Things We Carry (Sorrow and Rage)

What was the starting point for “I hunger for you”?

If I were to put it into one line, it came from my response to what I feel is the rage and the sorrow that we are carrying in our bodies at this moment in time. It doesn’t matter what our ideologies are; I think that in our culture, there is so much we carry in our bodies, and how do we deal with those things?

I started with all these questions about religion and faith. Faith is still something very deep in this work, but not faith connected to religion. It’s bigger than that.

Did those questions have to do with your family?

My siblings and I had, at first, a pretty conservative Catholic upbringing, and then my parents joined an evangelical church. I remember going to these churches and seeing people go into states — speaking in tongues, slaying in the spirit. The power of believing in something changed their bodies.

I wasn’t sure what my own belief was. I was just like: “Oh! Wow.” Watching people have such deep faith, it imprinted itself on me as this crazy physical phenomenon. Like, how did you do that? How did that happen?

In rehearsal, there was almost a feeling of exorcism.

There is a deep essence of pulse, or what I’ve started to call life force. It’s a very different place than I’ve ever been with my body or my practice, which is built a lot on restraint.

You’ve collaborated with your husband on many projects. Is that challenging?

It’s tricky, and at the same time, I don’t think I could be with somebody who wasn’t deeply involved in my work, because it’s become my whole being. My body wakes him up at night because I’m trying to figure out a problem, and he feels that energy radiating from me. He’ll sit up and say, “Are you choreographing again?”

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