Ad Meter 2019: Toyota Supra

Ad Meter 2019: Toyota Supra

Ad Meter 2019: Check out the Toyota Supra in Toyota’s second 2019 Super Bowl ad.
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Watch other Super Bowl Ads here: http://bit.ly/2UEjBqo
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  1. Mohi Media

    If I was on their marketing team, I would have preferred the commercial have shown a black and white video of the 2000 GT racing and then transitioned into the various Supra generations and incorporated footage of Akio Toyoda getting his Master driver cert. in a Supra and Tetsuya Tada working on the MKIV and now MKV to properly show off the heritage. But I'm just happy to have a Supra back in the market.

  2. Gunnar Sandahl

    Sweet 2J sound edited over, awesome job guys sweet z4. Don’t think I’ve actually been more disappointed when watching a legend come back to be less than what it was

  3. johnnyr25

    Meh. They should have done something to speak to the peeps who played Gran Turismo on the original PlayStation. These people are in their late 30s and early 40s.

    I mean, pinball and The Who??

  4. chris gala

    Given that toyota cannot make their own supra and prefer to rebadge a bmw………no wonder they cut costs and only do a 480p video as their commercial

  5. yuhkir 2000

    It's a supra. If you drove a z4 you would know that is not what it is. Its a supra with a bmw motor …. It might sound bad but I don't think so I think the aftermarket scene will be reason people get them just the idea its a fresh foundation with plenty of ways to build. You gotta just put in the work. I say good choice toyota 👍

  6. Jim B.

    "Ok. Now how the hell do I get out of this damn giant pinball machine? I'm getting hungry and I really, really have to pee…."

    -Supra driver (2 hours later)

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