Are McDonald’s drive thrus open?

Are McDonald’s drive thrus open?

The UK is currently going through its third national lockdown, which was enforced at the beginning of January 2021. The new lockdown comes as a new variant of Covid 19 is running rampant in Britain, bringing higher cases of infection and increased death tolls. As protective measures, the Government implemented lockdown restrictions including the closure of all non-essential shops and businesses, schools and a ‘stay at home’ order to Brits. 

Are McDonald’s drive thrus open?

Thankfully for fans of the hamburger chain, McDonald’s will stay open under the latest covid guidelines.

Customers can’t go into a branch and eat-in as normal, however, and you won’t be able to walk in to collect food for takeaway either.

In previous lockdowns you were able to go and get your Big Mac and eat it elsewhere, but this time the service is shut.

For those with cars, though, the good news is that drive thrus are still open.

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McDonald’s drive thru opening times may vary from what you’re normally used to due to the pandemic, so to avoid disappointment it’s best to double check before heading out.

You can see what your local chain’s opening times are by using the McDonald’s store locator.

McDonald’s will now deliver food to your car so you can skip the long wait at the drive thru.

The new car service lets customers at some chains make their order on the free app from home, drive to the restaurant, wait in the car park and then have the food delivered to their car window.

In a statement, Mr Pomroy added: “Following the latest Government announcements, our restaurants will open for Drive-Thru and McDelivery services and click and serve for Drive Thru, which is available via the My McDonald’s App.

“Our dine in and walk in takeaway services will be temporarily unavailable while we take time to review and reassess our safety procedures with an independent health and safety body.

“This is a temporary change in our operations to allow us to test and validate any additional measures that may further enhance the safety of our takeaway service.

“We will continue to keep customers updated via the My McDonald’s App and our website.”

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