Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco reveals accident during The Flight Attendant filming | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco reveals accident during The Flight Attendant filming | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

Following the end of The Big Bang Theory earlier this year, fans around the globe were keen to see what ventures their favourite stars would embark upon next. While the likes of Kunal Nayyar has returned to work on Dreamworks film franchise Trolls and Jim Parsons continues his work on Young Sheldon, Kaley Cuoco has also landed herself a high-profile role on HBO series The Flight Attendant. However, while taking a break from filming in Rome, Italy, Kaley found herself in the middle of a rather harrowing incident.

The Flight Attendant is currently filming in Rome ahead of its release on HBO Max in the near future.

Kaley takes on the role of Cassie in the eight-part drama, starring opposite the likes Glee star Nolan Gerard Funk and Sons of Anarchy alumni Merle Dandridge.

While Kaley enjoyed 12 years on the Golden Globe-winning Big Bang Theory, this will be The Flight Attendant’s debut series.

As excitement for the drama continues to grow, Kaley has revealed someone had to “save her life” during her time in the Italian capital.

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On her Instagram page, Kaley detailed exactly how she narrowly avoided a nasty accident while enjoying a break from filming.

She began: “I wanted to share a little story with you that happened to me this weekend. 

“It’s a little kind of window into my new character Cassie in The Flight Attendant. It happened to Kaley but I feel as if it was a mix of who I am and this character that I’m playing as I feel like I’m morphing into her by the day. 

“So here’s my weekend story and the only reason I’m sharing this story with the world because I know it’s going to become a thing is because everything turned out okay. I am fine. Everyone else is fine.”

Kaley continued to her 5.8million Instagram followers how she’s been enjoying the nightlife in Rome and hanging out with the cast.

She then revealed how she and the cast and crew headed to bar in the centre of the Italian capital.

The former Big Bang star said: “I’m just sitting there enjoying myself talking to the girls and I smell something…

“It smells like some is like burning toast and I’m like: ‘it stinks in here,’”

Kaley added: “My girlfriends are in front of me, and the guys and I see one of my girlfriend’s eyes go really big,

“And out of nowhere, this guy comes behind and like, well what I’m thinking is he’s attacking me, and he’s like patting me down.

“She’s like, ‘oh my god,’ and I’m like ‘I’m getting attacked,’ and I’m hearing someone say ‘Fuoco, Fuoco, Fuoco,’

“So my narcissistic brain goes ‘yes, I’m Miss Cuoco. Yes, do you want a picture? Of course,’ I’m literally thinking they’re saying ‘Cuoco, Cuoco, Cuoco,’

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“Well, they’re saying Fuoco which means fire. I had sat on a bar-top and there was a candelabra lit behind me, I didn’t see it I didn’t feel it.”

“What went up in flames was my hair. I didn’t realise so luckily my hair was up like this which it normally is and I didn’t have any product in so it didn’t go like whoosh.

“It started flaming and I smell it and this guy’s attacking me and my girl Danielle is pushing embers off my shoulder but I still don’t know whats going on but I was Fuoco.”

Kaley then revealed she bought the man a drink later on for “saving her life” and she and her hair were all okay.

The Big Bang theory is available to stream on Netflix UK now.

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