Bye to ‘Real Housewife’ Hair

Bye to ‘Real Housewife’ Hair

Nick Arrojo, a hairstylist, has lately been cutting a number of mini-bobs at his salons in Manhattan and Brooklyn. “A shorter bob puts an emphasis on the face, on the individual. It changes the way you appear,” Mr. Arrojo said. “2019 looks very much like the day of the short bob.”

“Mini-bobs are gorgeous,” Ms. Iles said.

“All of a sudden, you see the shoulders,” Mr. Arrojo said.

“All of a sudden, you see the neck,” Mr. Obadia said.

The mini-bob, said Alexandra Efstratiou, a stylist at the Arrojo salons, “will be youth led before it trickles down to all age groups and suburbanites, but it’s definitely coming.”

Get ready!

“Color plays a major role in how a bob looks,” Mr. Skervin said. He is one of many stylists who welcome bold special effects on this hairdo: graduated color, for instance, and a technique known as slicing, which involves lightening full slices of hair rather than using the standard weaving technique in highlighting.

“With multiple colors sliced in, you get more dimension, more contouring,” said Marie Sigismondi of the Pierre Michel Salon, who has been tinting a lot of bobs in recent months.

“The use of color can make a bob look fabulous and fierce,” Ms. Sigismondi added. Her preference is for a darker top section and lighter color underneath. “That, rather than highlighting, gives dimension and variation.” And for a subtle but edgy detail, she darkens a crescent of hair at the nape of the neck, where the bob is shortest.

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