Can Drag Survive the Internet?

Can Drag Survive the Internet?

You may know him as the editor of “Internetting.” Or as the charming man who appears at my side at the end of the videos. Or as the owner of “Internetting” feline correspondent Wanda. This week, he is also your host: Shane O’Neill is taking over for his very own episode. It’s about how the internet is changing drag performance, and what happens when an art form created by a marginalized community goes mainstream. Welcome to Shane Week.

Drag me,


To learn how to find a drag mother (or find out if your man is using you for money), check out the “Ask Misty” videos on YouTube. Bask in the glory of the late, great Sweetie, who appears briefly in our video 43 seconds in. As of publication, a full rip of Call Her Savage, the 1932 Clara Bow movie featuring proto-drag queens known as “pansies” performing at a Greenwich Village bar, is still available to stream. Andy Emmitt rated the best and worst of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” contestants’ music endeavors for Pitchfork, and he was much more generous than Shane would have been. Watch “All the Single Furries” in its entirety and tell me that you’re not impressed with the production value. And for Ru-lated coverage in The Times, read these excellent pieces from Jenna Wortham and Isaac Oliver.

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