Candace Owens fires back over Hitler comments

Candace Owens fires back over Hitler comments

Candace Owens says Rep. Ted Lieu misrepresented her comments on Adolf Hitler, that he must think “black people are stupid” and won’t watch the clip.

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  1. Mitch Thomas

    Shameful! Ted Lieu did that did that with Candaces 75 year old grandfather sitting right behind her. I just called Ted Lieu's office. In over 25 years of following politics I have never called a congressman but Mr Lieu's cowardly dishonest act literally makes me ill. Not only does Ted Lieu mischaracterize Candace Owens views in an attempt to discredit and embarrass her. Jerry Nadler then accuses Candace of calling Ted Lieu stupid in order to marginilize her. I do not know why this video has me so upset but it demonstrates both Mr lie's (sorry, spelling mistake) Mr. Lieu's and Mr Nadler's cowardice and intolerance of American citizens that have views that are different from their own. Mr. Lieu's Wahsington Office (202) 225 3976 Apparently you must me a resident of his district to email him. Can somebody please share his email so I can also send him a message through email.

  2. Ricardo DelBosque

    What an idiot she is a complete moron. You already lost when you have to spin your words on Hittler, and what a dumb response. Trump narrative, I travel in an airplane for 18 hours… what??? You are probably ok with Hittler but I don't think he'd be ok with you.

  3. Marlayne Madison

    The socially accepted historical understanding of who Hitler was comes directly from Jewish tribal elitist propaganda. Most people do not understand that General Eisenhower was Jewish tribal member and supporter of Zionist world domination and hated Hitler. Look at the crimes that general had committed under his authority! He should have hung for war crimes, but instead we elected him US President. To understand Hitler there are tons of books that seem to be more about truth than propaganda, which seem to bore most of the American public.

     When we let others emotionalize us and repetitive propaganda define our beliefs and go no further in studying the issues we must question why we behave in this manner. Is it to seek truth or to conform to "popular belief?" Who controls the levers of information?

    Hitler did not want to gas 6 million Jews and he never did gas anyone. Some of the worst atrocities in the war came from the USA, Britain and the Soviets who were lead and controlled by their Bolshevik Zionist masters.

    The list of terrorists and brutal dictators does not start with Hitler. Ask yourself, why not the outrage of an entire population murdered, maimed and tortured over 70 years? The Palestinians had most of their land stolen, live in an open prison where Israeli soldiers can take pot shots for fun murdering innocent men, women and children.

    Because Jewish elites control media and do not report this publicly in detail so as not to inflamed the public, the public does not concern themselves with Jewish International war crimes.

    Trump is also a Zionist and was handpicked by Netanyahu to be the next US President. Hillary also works for the same globalists. Nationalism is good and Zionist US Power is bad. Plan and simple.

  4. Jennifer Long

    Government is supposed to work FOR US, not the other way around. It was okay for Lieu to disrespect her, but SHE is reprimanded (mistakenly) for taking up for herself. He wasnt even listening to her. He heard the word "stupid" and accused her of calling Lieu stupid. SMH these old codgers need to all go home and take a nap. Go Candace! We are proud of you…

  5. Prophet YouTube

    Ted Lieu who worships at the alter of Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov (Lenen) & Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin, while promoting their Communist ideology, then uses the Hitler card, really? Kind of pot calling the kettle black!

  6. Antoinette Thomas

    I watched the entire video clip and it's insane that he would play that clip of her speech and not even give her an opportunity to respond. I would be pissed off too if someone did that to me. Candace was right it was blatantly dishonest. He learned that ass whooping she gave him. SMH

  7. 91octane

    Ted Lieu is a piece of sh*t from California. I wonder if he walked away with his tail between his legs? Nadler just needs to walk away, period! The Democratic party has become a circus as we just saw two clowns (Lieu, Nadler) performing.

  8. Ericb2424

    Bunch of Bullies putting words in her mouth she never said, that's what they do its sickening. But they can offend her changing the verbiage (THAT'S OKAY), Unbelievable!!!! Candice Owens is an Example of Pride, Courageous, and Dignity she points it out and has the situation under control. I respect Her 100% as a conservative educating the correct values with no fear. Amazing Job!!!

  9. Luchiano

    A nationalist will kill his own people if the government approved it… A nationalist would jail his own people if the government approved it.. This girl is a wack job.. A nationalist will defend its nations and its laws.. a nationalist, like a patriot, cares more about their country or their ethnicity and nation-culture than positive virtue or morality.

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