Carol Vorderman addresses embarrassing food blunder in front of ITV boss ‘Didn’t realise’ | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Carol Vorderman addresses embarrassing food blunder in front of ITV boss ‘Didn’t realise’ | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Countdown legend Carol Vorderman, 60, laughed as she recalled the moment she didn’t realise Edamame beans looked the way they are during a dinner meeting with an ITV boss at the restaurant Nobu. The presenter said she smothered the dish in soy sauce and began eating the food item as a whole.

Explaining further, she said on her BBC Radio Wales show: “One of the bosses Harry took me to the poshest Japanese restaurant in the whole of the United Kingdom, which is called Nobu.

“So, I went and I ordered Edamame beans which are like little soya beans and they came like peas in a pod, but I didn’t realise.

“I thought because they came unopened, they looked like the pod but its like a very hairy pod.

“And I’m with the boss at ITV, and I’m like, ‘Yeah, I’m doing this show and doing that show’.

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“Instead of opening the pod, I put soy sauce all over it and started munching on the entire thing.”

Leaving her co-stars stunned, she added laughing: “Then you’re committed aren’t you.”

Carol is no stranger to sharing stories about her life and career with her listeners.

Last month, the ex Countdown star said she was told she she has no future in television by a former producer in her earlier years.

“And he was so supportive of me, I was only young, like 22 or something.”

She went on to explain: “He went to the boss of the regional news and it was about a year into me working on Countdown, and he said to the boss, ‘Graham darling, I’ve got this most amazing girl, she’s doing the numbers on Countdown that I’m doing.

“‘I think she’ll be marvellous to read the weather on Calendar, on the television’.”

But, despite Richard praising Carol’s efforts, she was knocked back from the role and told she had no future on TV.

She went on to say: “Graham said to him, and this is absolutely gospel truth, he said, ‘Richard, no, I’ve seen that wee lassie on Countdown and I’m telling you now, that girl has no future in television’.”

Recalling the moment, Carol laughed as she added: “I think he was right actually, that was a very long time ago.”

Carol presented the Channel 4 afternoon show for 26 years from 1982 until 2008.

The show is now fronted by Nick Hewer and maths whizz Rachel Riley.

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