Charlotte Hawkins: Star speaks out after Piers Morgan’s shock remark | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Charlotte Hawkins: Star speaks out after Piers Morgan’s shock remark | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Charlotte Hawkins has addressed being labelled a ‘nodding dog’ by her Good Morning Britain colleague, Piers Morgan.

The 43-year-old insisted she was not upset by the 53-year-old broadcaster’s comments, but urged him to never get on her bad side.

“It just made me roll my eyes!” she stated. “From time to time, Piers will ask me if he’s taken it too far.”

She added: “But if he ever really upset me then he’d know about it straight away! Sometimes his mum texts him to tell him off for being mean to me!”

Despite Piers’s scathing remarks, Charlotte insists the pair get on well and revealed the gift she once bought him for Christmas.

She told OK! Magazine: “We always do Secret Santa. One year I got Piers a picture of his face made up of all the tweets he’d sent throughout the year. He loved it.”

Meanwhile, Kate, who did a joint interview with the journalist, said her most memorable gift was a present she received from co-star Susanna Reid, 48.

“She got me a set of glamorous underwear,” the 51-year-old revealed. “She despairs of the Spanx I wear so she tried to get me in something sexy.”

When Charlotte discussed how she fits in exercise, despite working early on Good Morning Britain, Kate joked about her “good looks”.

“The worst thing about Charlotte is how good she looks! She even looks beautiful first thing in the morning without any makeup on!”

Yesterday, Kate, who stepped in for Susanna, snapped at Piers when he swore live on air moments before introducing guest Bear Grylls, 44.

Piers was distracted by a man dressed as Santa Claus who was hovering behind the interviewee in a skydive simulator.

As Bear appeared on screen, the former newspaper editor exclaimed: “Oh bl***y hell,” which he immediately followed up with an apology: “I’m sorry.”

Reprimanding her co-host following his apology, Kate told him he needed Susanna to “keep him in his place”.

Shocked by the presenter’s language, Kate said: “Piers Morgan, what have I done to you.”

The ITV presenter remarked: “You need Susanna to keep you in check.”

Piers then jumped in to apologise once more before giving the reason behind his shock outburst: “I’m sorry but literally, Santa Claus was flying up and down.”

He joked he “thought we’d lost him”, to which Kate added: “Just flew in,” referring to Piers’ choice of language.

Piers went on to say “that was a moment of exclamation,” before introducing Bear once more.

“It’s all go here,” Bear said, with Kate asking: “What are you doing to Father Christmas,” as the man continued to fly up and down.

Read the full interview in the latest issue of OK! Magazine, out now.

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