CNN building vandalized during Floyd protests | USA TODAY

CNN building vandalized during Floyd protests | USA TODAY

Protests across America turned violent as demonstrators expressed anger over George Floyd’s death by police.
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Activists say it’s just another example of systematic racism in law enforcement, the latest in a series of high-profile black deaths that have exacerbated and inflamed racial tensions nationwide.

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  1. losbobin 0

    Was watching cnn earlier and they blame along with some democrats white supremacist for the violence looting and burning businesses down in Minneapolis damn they are the best at putting on the black face I could have sworn most of them were black that's impressive the Communist News Network is so funny

  2. Hazmark

    I think most of the comments are from people who WOULD have called the protesters "LIBERALS"… but then they see these "LIBERALS" destroying CNN, and now they praise them for attacking the company they hate. WOULD THEY SAY THIS IF THEY DESTROYED FOX News buildings? I doubt it.

    I liked seeing CNN get destroyed. I was laughing! I DO think it's a good thing that CNN questions the President, WHY WOULD YOU NOT WAN'T THE PRESIDENT TO BE QUESTIONED? AFTER ALL OF HIS LIES (I can list plenty of examples of his lies if requested)… I just hate CNN for all the non-stop depressing news for YEARS. I mean before Trump or Obama. It's always been DEATH DEATH DEATH to the point they make it seem like The World is nothing but a violent, disgusting World. CNN will air violent videos from other Countries when there isn't enough going on in our Country. FOX as well, and ABC, and NBC, THEY ARE ALL THE SAME… the idiots who think it's ONLY CNN are brainwashed (just like people who only watch CNN).

  3. Trinidad Onassis

    CNN & MSNBC are NO DIFFERENT than Faux News. CNN had suspected white supremacist Brooke Baldwin on air demonizing Trayvon Martin but now she has the crocodile tears for George Floyd. CNN went out of their way to try and smear Freddie Gray after he was murdered by the race soldiers in Baltimore by bringing up his mother's drug issues. Mika the Bigot Brzezinski on MSNBC made it a point to demonize 12 year old Tamir Rice after he was murdered by race soldiers. They have spent years protecting white supremacy and demonizing the victims of white supremacy.

  4. Shelley Bayless

    USA as usual full of FAKE News CRAP! They are NOT "protestors" they are violent THUGS who just wanted an excuse to burn & loot! With a little encouragement from George Satan Soros & his demon spawns AntiFa & BLM!

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