Countryfile Fans puzzled over ‘political’ report during Evacuee Special | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

Countryfile Fans puzzled over ‘political’ report during Evacuee Special | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

Countryfile commemorated the 80th anniversary of the first wave of evacuees being sent to the countryside during World War II.

Viewers tuned in to watch the likes of Steve Brown, 38, retrace his grandmother’s journey during the BBC show special.

Sean Fletcher, 45, also got involved in the action as he joined a group of children experience what life would have been like moving away from the city.

Tom Heap, 53, however, looked at the modern evacuee situation unfolding in today’s climate as refugees from war-torn countries relocate across the world.

However, it was this segment which left viewers a little puzzled as they were unsure why the BBC show were focussing on what they claimed to be the political angle as Tom explained how many refugees from countries such as Syria, Britain had helped re-home.

Taking to Twitter, one viewer wrote: “Turned on #Countryfile and thought there had been a programme change. Why the hell is the BBC using Countryfile as a Political platform?”

Another added: “So #countryfile is now another political show on Sunday- do we not have enough ???”

A third commented: “Every week it seems there is a political story on #countryfile,” whilst a fourth remarked: “#Countryfile get back to the fields and animals. Where’s @JohnCraven_.”

Not everyone was so perplexed, as a fifth posted: “#Countryfile If you’re able to help someone then you should.”

“#countryfile #Refugee so fascinating.brilliant film on evacuees. Really moving. How resilient the children must be, thoughts to parents who missed their babies and parents who took the children in,” a sixth shared.

Tom explained the current refugee situation to viewers, as well as what the government had pledged to do.

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“The ambition was to heave those refugees settled in the UK by 2020, with no one part of the country asked to bear a disproportionate share of the responsibility.

“But it seems that hasn’t been the case.

“It turns out that some areas of the UK are taking a much bigger share of the refugee influx than others,” the presenter continued.

Tom went on to detail the specifics, adding: “So far, almost 16,000 Syrian refugees have settled in the UK under this scheme.

“But, based on the latest figures, we estimate that Scotland has taken in more than three times the number of Greater London – welcoming almost 2,800 refugees.”

The presenter broke down the figures further, stating: “In England, Yorkshire and the Humber has resettled more than 1,700 refugees.

“That’s more than double the number in what’s categorised as the East of England,” Tom explained before going on to meet a father and son who have resettled in Shropshire.

He also added next year, the government would be launching a unified scheme which would provide “greater consistency to the way refugees are settled.”

Tom has recently spoke out on whether he would leave the BBC show, having joined the presenting line-up in 2009.

“As long as they’ll keep paying me the wage,” the presenter told

“No, I love it. It’s a great show to do. I get to meet fascinating people and go to beautiful and interesting parts of the country. What’s not to like about that?”

Countryfile airs Sunday at 7pm on BBC One.

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