Dayton police stopped shooter in under 1 minute | USA TODAY

Dayton police stopped shooter in under 1 minute | USA TODAY

Mayor: Dayton shooter stopped in under a minute
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Dayton’s mayor lauded police for stopping the gunman in less than one minute.

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  1. Paladin JN01

    "Police show up after everyone has already been murdered."

    There, fixed your misleading title.

    When there's an emergency, every second matters. I guarantee that not as much damage would have been done if a few law-abiding citizens had been armed.

  2. Jr Jr

    All these troubled WHITE PEOPLE.. A bunch of wanna be white supremacist that don't know shit about it nor the history on it. A bunch of sick minded idiots that probably use to get bullied and picked on their whole life and this was their way of getting their revenge..

  3. Pamela Cook

    So sad my heart goes out to their families and the other people in other mass shooting too my heart goes out to you all as well Lord I'm asking you right now to protect us all in your hands in Jesus name I pray Amen 😥😥😥❤️🙏

  4. Gravity Priest

    I'm not grateful for their service. As a group they murder more people a year then any mass shooter ever will…Ever. Cops are thugs who fight slightly worse thugs on our behalf and that is it. I salute our military service members but never the police who are corrupt as the ocean is deep. They saved people this time in a couple of weeks they will be planting drugs on an innocent. Police never deserve respect because the "bad apples" made the whole batch suspiciously rotten.

  5. mr.gaming 23

    Sad that this happened way to many shootings for crazy reasons this American now man so sad ppl living there daily lives for someone to take there live because they dont like something I'm stay home more now or going to Canada.

  6. Isabel Fernandez

    I blame our shit president and our shit government. This year alone we have had over 300 deaths and over 1700 injured just from shootings. But yet he wants to keep humans in cages but no stop gun violence. America shouldn't even have guns period.

  7. xWFx_STORM_- KC

    But yet black on black crime is a problem in America… gtfoh I rather have criminal shoot at each other than have a person go around killing innocent people for no reason. When will white people take accountability for the shit they do instead of mentioning about black on black crime or bring up Chicago?

  8. Blesss. Ing_

    You guys say it's a mental Illness it's no fucken mental illness you guys are a bunch of heart less people I am a Mexican girl and I am truly horrified of white people and there doings and it's a mental illness yet when a man of color does it it's not a mental illness there just violence.

  9. Dane Hart

    last week the dimms and the leftist radicals attack police . i wish the news would get why are you so anti law now = its trump retort cover is a big lie . it a red herring . man is man this will never change .in england they use knifes .or cars we need police . cops are not faster then the bullets 30 sec the guy is stopped . that why people need to defend them selfs ,which in this nation we still can . i can't vote anti police party

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