Deliveroo launches Brussels sprout-infused sandwich – and it divides nation

Deliveroo launches Brussels sprout-infused sandwich – and it divides nation

Whether you’re a sprout-lover or hater, it goes without saying that no vegetable screams Christmas more than the humble Brussels sprout.

In every household up and down the country this Christmas there will be somebody avoiding sprouts like the plague, and another who’ll be helping themselves to extra servings.

Food delivery service Deliveroo have weighed in on the divisive debate and launched their very own sprout sandwich – the ‘Christmas Sproutwich’ – for sprout-fans in participating cities.

The limited-edition festive sub features no less than six different Brussels sprout-infused elements – homemade sprout focaccia, sprout mayonnaise, a succulent sprout stuffing, roasted sprout halves, fried sprout shavings and zesty marinated sprout leaves.

Finished with layers of crispy maple bacon and buttery Emmental cheese, each sandwich is accompanied by a pot of hearty roast chicken gravy.

Hungry Brits in London, Manchester, Glasgow and Bristol will have the opportunity to try the sprout-inspired sandwich for themselves from December 6-8, available to order from their respective Deliveroo editions for just 99p.

The recipe for the opinion-splitting sandwich took over three months to develop, after trying out 12 different recipe combinations on self-confessed sprout-haters before settling on a flavour combination hell-bent on converting the nation’s biggest Brussels-bashers.

But not everybody is going to be a fan – it has been revealed that although 31 percent of Britons love Brussels sprouts, 35 percent identify as “sprout haters”.

In Wales, that number rockets – with over half of residents (56 percent) claiming to hate the Christmas dinner staple.

However, an equally whopping 57 percent of Brits believe that Christmas isn’t complete without Brussels sprouts, whilst the remaining respondents think they are the worst part of the traditional Christmas dinner.

A staggering 1.5 million Britons have even confessed to having a phobia of sprouts.

Arabella Jenkins at Deliveroo said: “There’s no sprout about it – this small festive vegetable has garnered a big, bad reputation over the years.

“So for any sprout-phobes asking why we want to celebrate the humble Brussels sprout with a deliciously divisive sandwich, we say – why not? At Christmas, anything goes!

“We have achieved something a third of the nation thinks is impossible and made an absolutely delicious seasonal sprout creation. So, this one’s for the sprout lovers as well as the sprout haters. If you love ‘em, you’re welcome. If you hate ‘em, we promise one bite will change your mind.”

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