E. Jean Carroll: 4 facts about the latest President Trump accuser | USA TODAY

E. Jean Carroll: 4 facts about the latest President Trump accuser | USA TODAY

Who is E. Jean Carroll, President Donald Trump’s accuser?
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These are 4 things you need to know about E. Jean Carroll. The advice columnist is the latest to accuse President Donald Trump of sexual assault.

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  1. Mr_BigShot

    USA Today doesn’t understand that everyone already knows this is bull shit. Nobody takes it seriously anymore. She’s a very sexist person towards men if she wrote a book called “what do we need men for” what if a guy wrote a book about why we don’t need woman? I’ll tell you why woman need men, it’s so that when a woman makes a mistake such as this allegation there’s the people with a brain to call out bullshit and obvious timing

  2. Ty Nao

    The same type of encounters led to all of your parents entering a relationship and having our sprawling populations as kids. The only time a man ever gets what he wants is by taking it, not asking. This is true in all respects of life, food, money, land, work, and personal relationships. We have to have a completely noncompetitive world if we want that to change

  3. Censored 1

    You would think these deranged Leftists would at least find somebody actually pretty enough to think DJT might try it lol These ladies have all been BUTT UGLY and all come out after decades of silence. Fake News Folks Oh and she wont press charges or have her dress tested for DNA via CNN

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