Eddie Hall weight loss diet plan: Deadlift champion lost six stone after cutting carbs

Eddie Hall weight loss diet plan: Deadlift champion lost six stone after cutting carbs

Eddie Hall, 31, is kown for being a world record deadlift holder under strongman rules – something which he achieved in 2016. Fast forward a year, and the Stoke-on-Trent-born athlete scooped first place in the 2017 World’s Strongest Man competition. His personal best stands at a deadlift of 500kg – which equates to 79 stone. Following the impressive win, Eddie announced he would retire from the strongman competition and return to lower-weight contests – having expressed health-related concerns.

At the time of winning the World’s Strongest Man competition, Eddie was topping the scales at 32 stone.

Realising his weight could lead to serious health problems, following his retirement from the competition, the strongman launched his own weight loss journey.

Now, Eddie has exclusively spoken to Express.co.uk about his decision to slim – as well as spilling all on how he reached his goals.

“Once I’d won it [World’s Strongest Man], I’d achieved my life long dream,” he said.

“I knew that I was pushing the boundaries. I knew that I was basically risking my life with all the health factors – it’s very unhealthy being that big.

“So, I decided to take a step down from that sort of professional side of strongman. To lose a load of body weight, get fit, get healthy, and basically I just jiggled by diet around.”

So, how did the athlete achieve his weight loss goals? It seems cutting down on the amount of carbohydrate-rich foods he was eating played a significant part.

“I cut out a lot of carbs,” he said.

But that’s not all, as he also changed his typical exercise routine – increasing the amount of cardiovascular training he was doing.

“Diet wise, all I’ve done is basically cut out carbs nearly completely. I’m basically on an all-protein, all-fat diet.”

Eddie altered his fitness plan too – although his weight training remains almost the same as before.

“But, what I do now is I’ve thrown in a couple of boxing sessions a week. I do a land-based training session, I do a swimming session, and then I bought a push-bike as well so I’m doing a lot of cycling as well,” he told Express.co.uk.

“I’ve probably piled on about five or six hours a week in cardio on top of my weight training.”

And, it seems his efforts have paid off as Eddie has lost six stone – now weighing around 26 stone.

“I feel really good at this weight,” he said. “I’ve got a six pack and I’m quite happy to stay at this, until I get a bit older [in his late 40s and 50s], when maybe I’ll have to reduce the weight a little bit more.”

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The star was speaking ahead of the launch of the new History Channel show Knight Fight – which sees six competitors battle with axes, swords, shields and spears, all the while wearing more than 36 kgs of armour.

Giving battling in armour a go himself, Eddie considered how the experience differed to that of his time competing in strongman competitions.

Explaining that the layers of cloth, leather, and armour restricted his movements, and the helmet limited his vision, he said: “Doing the tasks was much harder [than it would be without the outfit] because obviously you’re hot, you’re bothered, you’re heavier, you’re slower, and it’s more taxing on the body.”

Knight Fight continues on Tuesday at 9pm on HISTORY. HISTORY is on Sky 130, Virgin 270, BT 327, TalkTalk 327. Knight Fight is also available on demand.

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