El Paso Walmart shooting leaves multiple people dead | USA TODAY

El Paso Walmart shooting leaves multiple people dead | USA TODAY

Multiple people are dead and one person is in custody after a lone gunman went on a shooting rampage at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, according to authorities.
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  1. Dukerbud 88

    Making laws harsher do not change a thing. There's only one thing. The government needs to pass a bill where car manufacturers make it mandatory to produce/distribute cars that will only start with a built in Breathalyzer test in order to maake your car start.

  2. The Daily Review

    So, how long does this shit have to continue until we're willing to have an honest conversation about the ugly fact that there's some truth in these dude's manifestos? A nation can only support so much mass migration before it's national identity no longer can sustain itself. Mass Migration coupled with 24/7 messaging about how white men cause all the world's problems, has created a generation of white kids that see no future left to live for.

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