Escaping Brooklyn for the Bronx and Finding a Home

Escaping Brooklyn for the Bronx and Finding a Home

But someone suggested other parts of the Bronx, and he found himself drawn to the borough’s beautiful Art Deco buildings. One-bedrooms, many with sunken living rooms, were large — often 800 or 900 square feet. Mr. Hersey called about one on the Grand Concourse that he found online and met the agent, Deborah Miller of Halstead Property.

“He was able to disattach from Brooklyn to try something radically different,” Ms. Miller said. The apartment he was interested in was in contract, but she showed him another one-bedroom, for $175,000, also on the Grand Concourse, that came with a view of Yankee Stadium. Maintenance was in the mid-$800s. Mr. Hersey’s offer of $170,000 was accepted. He even paid $250 to bring in a home inspector, who found everything in order.

Then the selling agent stopped responding to messages, and about a week later, to his dismay, the apartment went to someone else for $180,000.

Ms. Miller urged Mr. Hersey to explore other neighborhoods. “We were looking for a specific price point, and in the Yankee Stadium area prices are quickly going higher, so we moved north,” she said.

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