Familiar face returns as chief on the Blood reserve – Lethbridge

Familiar face returns as chief on the Blood reserve – Lethbridge

After a few weeks of campaigning, including the largest pool of councillor candidates in its history, the Blood Tribe has elected its new chief and council.

Makiinima Roy Fox, who was elected Chief of the Blood Tribe Tuesday, is a familiar face to council.

“I served a total of 22 years; six years in council and 16 years as chief,” Fox said.

Since retiring from politics, Fox has been the president and CEO of the Indian Resource Council of Canada.

He said the decision to throw his hat in the ring for chief once again came at the request of his family, friends and fellow band members.

“There is a reason they are requesting for my involvement again. I have gained a lot of knowledge in the business sector since I left. I thought I knew a lot about business when I was chief, but I’ve learned more.”

Voter turnout for the 2016 election was 46.8 per cent, with 3,390 people casting a ballot.

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Most Blood Tribe members Global News spoke to said they are hopeful with the new chief and council, and want to see efforts directed at what they call the biggest issue on the reserve, addictions and drug use.

Fox is joined by the following councillors:

  • Floyd Peter Big Head
  • Kyla Deann Crow Spread His Wings
  • Dorothy Theresa First Rider
  • Martin Heavy Head
  • Joanne Lemieux
  • Leanne Robin Little Bear
  • Kirby Dean Many Fingers
  • Henry Shade
  • Lance Allen Tail Feathers
  • Timothy Allen Tail Feathers
  • Marcel  Patrick Weasel Head
  • Franklyn White Quills

The chief and 12 council members will be officially sworn in to their new jobs on Friday, Nov. 25 in Standoff, Alta.

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