Game of Thrones: Real reason Missandei died exposed | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

Game of Thrones: Real reason Missandei died exposed | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

Missandei (played by Nathalie Emmanuel) was one of the most loyal characters on HBO’s fantasy series. Sadly, this didn’t stop the writers of Game of Thrones from unceremoniously killing her off in the last season. It has now been revealed that this may have been Daenerys’ (Emilia Clarke) intention all along.

The former polyglottic slave of Astapor became a faithful devotee to the Targaryen’s claim to the throne after being released from brutal servitude.

Nathalie’s character was a fixture of the series until her cruel death under the orders of Cersei (Lena Headey).

Many viewers deemed her murder preventable and unnecessary, with Dany failing to prevent the brutal scene from taking place.

It seems especially strange given the pair’s long history together, although it’s now been theorised that the uncompromising Targaryen didn’t consider the former slave an equal after all.

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An article on Screenrant detailed several key hints indicating that Dany wasn’t all that bothered to see her friend die. 

The article said: “Perhaps it is what Missandei wanted, to become a martyr. She did genuinely believe in the overall cause after all. 

“But Dany could have momentarily retreated, sent in the dragons or any number of other things. She let her supposed friend die instead.”

Fans of the show will know that Game of Thrones characters aren’t beyond dying for their cause.

“The two ‘friends’ were never on the same page about what came after and we wonder if Dany would have allowed them to leave them either.”

Perhaps Dany saw her eventual departure as a major issue in the problem, and by allowing her to be executed Missandei’s inevitable death remained someone else’s responsibility.

Finally, much has already been said about Daenerys’ saviour complex, and the article highlights how her delusions put a major strain on her ostensibly loyal friendship. 

Daenerys was known for her liberation campaigns across Westeros, most notably the freeing of Yunkai in season three. 

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