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Monday night saw continued peaceful protests and violence in many major US cities. Here’s an at-a-glance guide:

  • Washington DC: Peaceful protesters were teargassed to make way for a 17-minute photo shoot of Donald Trump in front of St John’s church. The Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese the church belonged to said she was “outraged” by the president’s actions.

  • Minneapolis, Minnesota: In the city where police violence sparked unrest across the country, protesters were peaceful a day after pleas from George Floyd’s brother.

  • New York City: Heavy-handed police tactics over the weekend in Brooklyn gave way to peaceful protests on Monday night. But stores were looted in the Midtown and Soho neighborhoods of Manhattan.

  • Chicago, Illinois: Protesters were peaceful in much of Chicago, but looting marred protests in the suburb of Naperville. In the suburb of Cicero, two people were killed.

  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Police fired rubber bullets and teargas on protesters who blocked traffic.

  • Baltimore, Maryland: Thousands of people protested in this city, which just five years ago was roiled by the death of Freddie Gray, who was black, in police custody.

  • Oakland, California: Thousands of peaceful protesters gathered in the city.

  • Las Vegas, Nevada: A police officer and an armed man were shot amid protests near the famous “Strip”. At least 338 people have been arrested in Las Vegas after protests through the weekend and the week.

  • Atlanta, Georgia: At least 55 protesters were arrested in Atlanta when they blocked a roadway. It is the fourth day of protests in that city.

  • Nashville, Tennessee: Peaceful protesters cheered when national guard troops laid down their shields.

  • St Louis, Missouri: A peaceful protest devolved into looting, and four officers were later shot. All are expected to recover, and it is unclear who fired shots which injured the officers.

  • Louisville, Kentucky: Peaceful protests refocused on loss within the community, after two police officers shot and killed a local business owner during protests, but failed to turn on their body cameras. The mayor fired the police chief as a result.

  • Buffalo, New York: Two police officers were injured when they were struck by a vehicle amid protests.

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