Gluten-Free Specialties at Le Gourmand

Gluten-Free Specialties at Le Gourmand

This small side-street space has housed bakeries before, most notably Madge Rosenberg’s Soutine Bakery. Now Mounir Jabrane, who is from Morocco, has opened Le Gourmand, a gluten-free bakery there. He’s a fitness trainer who went into the baking business because his son could not tolerate gluten. Mr. Jabrane’s cakes, notably the handsome banana variety, and his well-fruited muffins are standouts. Compact breads made with grains like teff and millet are also good, and there are vegan options. After Labor Day he plans to increase his inventory to include some Moroccan specialties, and to sell sandwiches.

Le Gourmand, 104 West 70th Street, 212-496-1450, no web yet (only Instagram legourmandnyc).

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