Healthier Comfort Food Recipes | HuffPost

Healthier Comfort Food Recipes | HuffPost

When it’s cold outside and we feel the chill in our bones, or when something traumatic happens in the news, all we want to do is warm our body and soul with warm, hearty, cheese-filled comfort food recipes. Give us the mac and cheese, the ziti and the lasagna. Two servings of them if we can. The only problem with that is after a couple weeks of eating this way, we can no longer close the button on our pants.

Unless you have a wardrobe full of one-size-up pants to keep you dressed throughout the colder months, we suggest incorporating some healthy comfort food recipes into your cold-weather recipe repertoire. We know “healthy” and “comfort food” are not words that go together very often, but trust us ― it exists and it is good. We have the recipes to prove it.

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