Here is what is in the controversial Nunes memo

Here is what is in the controversial Nunes memo

The Nunes memo, accusing the FBI and Justice Department of abusing surveillance authority to monitor the Trump campaign, has gone public.


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  1. MrGreenstar2012

    Can't believe Trump rigged and stole the Republican nomination, had a private server in his basement, destroyed many devices, bleaches hard drives, and shares classified information with unauthorized personnel then wants to be let off scot-free.

  2. Vorpals

    The FBI used a source paid off by the DNC and never-trump republicans to forge a dossier. Then Christopher Steele (the forger) leaked the dossier to Yahoo news and Mother Jones for the FBI to justify illegally spying on now President Trump. They lied to the FISA judge about all this information to get the warrant. This is a coup against the President and it must end now.

  3. Stone Trellis

    The same side of the political/media aisle that still revels in exposing Watgergate will now proceed to tell us that it's no big deal that partisan political hacks inside the FBI used DNC-funded opposition research that they KNEW was not true to lie to the FISA court and get a warrant to spy on an American citizen and to fuel a false narrative of "Russian collusion" in a bid to overturn the will of the People, who voted Trump in. They are all degenerate hypocrites, traitors one and all.

  4. dyy Fethiiyhn

    Another day in the Zionist media. Don't look into fake terror acts on tv. Is better to talk about a fake story for people to be devided. O BTW any sheep know why 33 is always in the news ?
    33 is used in numerology to represent the chosen people. Aka the jews. World banks, and the tv owned by them.

  5. Edge of Awesome

    GOP: "Abuse of executive powers by the Democrats in the last election."
    DEM: "Don't forget our claims of Russian involvement during the last campaign (in showing DEM's abuse of powers in the DNC Primary and other secret activities)."

  6. Scott H

    It would be nice if for any politician did something on the behalf of the populace of the United States they're the only group of people that have a job that don't pay for healthcare and can vote themselves a raise and I don't know how many times in the last 61 years that I've heard these people give themselves another raise how many times have you Americans like myself got a raise every year I worked at a shipping yard and I did not get a raise for the eight years I worked there crooked politicians all of them get rid of them

  7. PS Wright

    This video is kind of lame. It doesn't tell us anything new or really discuss the words used. I could have told you this much before they released the stupid memo.

    Trump, the only ones that should be ashamed of themselves, is you and Nunes.

  8. Nick Shepherd

    Funny thing is that if the memo was not worth it's salt, why were so many officials peeing all over themselves that it was being released? This is only the smoking gun of a larger narrative. The people should demand more, until all the truth is revealed. Then we will know what really is going on with this Russia story.

  9. Wilhelm Q

    You forgot to mention just a small detail. This memo proves that the fake paid for dossier by Democrats is what was used to get a FISA warrant to spy on Trump and associates. Trump was right when he said he was being spied on and the media said he was crazy. But now we know that media was playing a role in this as well to spread propaganda and get a biased special council to investigate Trump which has turned over no evidence despite all the leaks being given. This is the watergate of the century and will be remembered as such.

    Absolutely garbage reporting. Enjoy being replaced by independent journalist.

  10. Ingaz

    The most damning part is that it shows top officials in the FBI and Obama administration new the Dossier report on Trump was fake but hid this from the court and displayed it as proof they needed that warrant to spy on the Trump campaign. In other words, no fake Dossier, no warrant, no warrant, no fake Russian collusion story. This thing is blowing up in the Democrats face as we speak.

  11. Akuki100

    I read the memo, it is unique because it is not only based on classified information but it also contain the official testimonies and interviews within FBI and DOJ (the guilty party own words). Such as:

    (1) One of the scam (Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe) before the committee in December 2017 confirmed that without the dossier, there would have been no FISA warrant request.

    (2) After 9 months since the first FISA warrant issued, still the FBI did not verify the dossier; but anyways they already used it for deception in order to secure FISA warrant. Note that in June 2017 the FBI Director James Comey (which is another scam) refer the dossier as salacious and unverified. James Comey was thinking nobody will find out that FBI used this unverified dossier for political hit, wow!!!

    This is how the police state looks like.
    That is it!!! All information collected based on partial or full deceptions and false information are not admissible in court of law.

  12. Matt Lopez

    The Democrats are screwed now that this has come out and it's only gonna get worse if the MSM doesn't start reporting truthfully they're going to go down with everyone else who is getting implicated in this. I can't believe they're still spewing the whole Russian thing after Project Veritas caught Van Jones on camera calling it a made up "nothing burger" to grab headlines…smh…disgraceful absolutely appalling.

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