Hosepipe ban 2018: How to maintain your garden during a heatwave

Hosepipe ban 2018: How to maintain your garden during a heatwave

The mercury has climbed to over 30C in some parts of the UK, bathing the country in beautiful sunshine.

Sunseekers have flocked to beaches, parks and their gardens in order to soak up as much of the summer sun as possible.

Clear skies, warm weather and not a cloud in sight seems like the recipe for a perfect summer, but the heat can impact our gardens negatively.

Counties across the UK have seen pavements cracking, grass yellowing and hardened mud as the warm weather continues.

The heatwave is showing no signs of slowing down, with this weekend set to be one of the warmest so far this year.

Louise Golden, resident gardener and senior plant buyer at Dobbies garden centre has told Express.co.uk her tips on how to keep your garden looking its best during a heatwave:

She said: “Focus your watering on newly planted garden plants. However, avoid watering in the peak of sunshine and instead give plants a much-needed drink in the evening, so that the plants have time to drink up the water before the heat of the following day.”

Waiting for the heat to subside and watering your plants in the evening can ensure not only that they retain the water for longer, but that they will absorb it overnight when temperatures are slightly cooler.

Ms Golden added: “Where possible move potted plants into the shade for periods of the day, or for beds and borders in extremely hot weather, why not create some of your own shade using a beach umbrella or parasol.”

Keeping plants away from direct sunlight can prevent them from yellowing, and will also help prevent any water in the soil from drying out before reaching the plant.

Some tips for when watering your plants include: “Add water retaining gel to the compost of patio pots when planting, which will reduce watering requirements. Aquagel sachets are ideal for baskets, pots and containers.

“Water directly at the base of plants, rather than over the top, to ensure the water gets to where it is needed.”

For your parched lawn, Ms Golden advises keeping your grass longer rather than mowing it:

“Established lawns that start to turn brown usually turn green again once rain return.

“Mow less frequently and raise the blade heights to reduce the stress on your lawn.”

Whilst Northern Ireland currently have a hosepipe ban in place, the rest of the UK has yet to face restrictions on water usage.

Ms Golden has tips for gardening during a hosepipe ban which will keep your garden looking greener for longer:

“If a hosepipe ban comes into force we will only be able to use watering cans, or similar.

“You could stand container grown plants on saucers of water and if it gets excessively hot, move container plants into the shade.

“Water thoroughly less frequently, rather than a little and often. For border plants – water well and then apply a thick mulch of organic matter to help retain the moisture in the soil.”

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