Houseplants which ‘thrive on neglect’ during the winter – including popular peace lily

Houseplants which ‘thrive on neglect’ during the winter – including popular peace lily

Tyler Woodward, health and wellness expert at Eden’s Gate, said: “With plenty of species of plants that thrive on neglect, little sunlight and minimal watering, there’s no reason not to channel your enthusiasm for houseplants, all while you’re outside, enjoying the changing seasons.

“We already know that plants can boost your mood and purify the air, especially as seasonal allergies are on the rise, but they also aesthetically complete the room.

“While we can’t definitively say houseplants are impossible to kill, there are certain varieties that are harder than others, making them the ideal urban addition to your home.”

The most popular indoor plant which is hard to kill is the peace lily, which can flower in low-light conditions.

It requires little watering, especially in winter, but do make sure to check on it regularly by sticking your finger into the soil.

Taking second place overall is the spider plant which owners can “forget” about, according to the expert.

Tyler added: “You can forget about a spider plant to an extent as long as it gets a reasonable amount of sunlight, well-drained soil and only watered when it feels dry. This is the perfect plant for someone fearful of killing their greenery.”

The spider plant is a great statement houseplant and will thrive in the majority of rooms, including bathrooms.

In third place is the money tree, known to be a lucky houseplant. They are easy to care for and don’t ask for much attention, according to the pro.

He noted: “Considered the nation’s third favourite, money trees require little watering, around once a week, and somewhere it can enjoy moderate sunlight too.”

Aloe vera are also popular houseplants which are easy to look after, requiring a low amount of water to survive.

Because they are succulents, they need less watering than other houseplants, only when the top inch of the soil is dry.

In fifth place is the pothos houseplant which can survive in low light and only needs low amounts of water, not to mention its gorgeous trailing leaves adding colour to any room.

Jo Lambell, founder of Beards & Daisies, said: “This plant’s common name, Devil’s Ivy, is a reference to how it grows in the wild up the trunks of trees and often in shade, so it’s considered a friend of the darkness.

“With this in mind, the darker days will not faze it, however, you may notice its leaves looking a little pale if it’s not getting sufficient light. Like most plants in winter time, your devil’s ivy won’t need as much water during the cooler months so hydrate less often.

“Pothos plants have a shallow root system, so you’re best to stick to the rule ‘less is more’ during winter when it comes to hydrating. Aim to water lightly around the pot roughly every two weeks.”

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