How much can Instagram influencers really make?

How much can Instagram influencers really make?

The Instagram influencer as a species is easy to spot.

Defined by their large social media followings, content from this class of marketers is typically awash with the flossy trappings of young money: trendy designer outfits modeled in exotic locations; marble countertops under carefully crafted flat-lays of pricey beauty products. Even the Instagram mavens with a grittier, every-girl style, all Polaroid grunginess, are dotted with on-brand T-shirts perfectly half-tucked into the hot jeans du jour.

It’s enough to make even the most over-stimulated perusers pause and say, “How much are they making off this, exactly?”

The answer, if they play the game correctly, is a lot.

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  1. Moe Moe

    This one Instagram influencer was scamming people. Her name is Britney dawn fitness and then she got exposed by YouTube prankster Cassidy Campbell and now as it turns out a lot of people are starting to come out with stories about what she’s done to them. Some of these Instagram influencers are scam artists.

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