How to find out if you're booked on a Boeing 737 Max

How to find out if you're booked on a Boeing 737 Max

Boeing’s 737 Max 8 is in the spotlight following the Sunday crash of an Ethiopian Airlines flight operated by aircraft. It was the second crash of the new 737 variant in less than six months.

Safety experts says it’s too early to draw any definitive conclusions about the jet since investigations about the crashes are still ongoing. Still, some flyers have raised concerns after the latest accident.

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  1. Dorothy L

    I dont think its anymore different honestly. These crashes are international and they dont have nearly as good of safety precautions as the US does with there airplanes. The FAA is super strict and good when it comes to airline safety. Other countries probably not as well

  2. Kenneth Ngan

    Unbelievable how many paid shills are out there defending something which they know absolutely nothing about. The boeing 737 max 8 is a new aircraft and of a new design with new software. If aircrafts with more than 10 years in service are not crashing, these two recent crashes which involves exactly the same plane models, and exactly the same phase of the flight is already shouting a serious design flaw!!! The aircraft is totally unsafe. Pathetic how these shills still compare how safe flying is compared to driving when you may very well have something which is fundamentally defect. The key difference is if you have a malfunction in a vehicle, there's always the option to pull over, whilst you can't do that in an aircraft!!!

  3. calvinacb1

    Anyone would be a fool to fly on a 737 Max 8. We the people have to force the corporations to make changes if you're in the process of booking a flight and thats the model you'll be flying on don't book the ticket . The more they see customers not willing to fly the quicker they make a change. We are the consumers its not worth your life

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