How will the market react to Trump's trade battle with China?

How will the market react to Trump's trade battle with China?

With the Dow plunging more than 600 points Monday, what’s ahead for the market.

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  1. zone47

    Sure, let's continue feeding China and wasting away as a result. Great liberal mentality. It's really too late now but about time we stand up and try to correct this mess, good for Trump for being gusty enough to do something about it.

  2. Joe Penn

    Oh yeaha the amount of goods going to China is a fraction of they send to The U.S.A. Our Economy is way larger than theirs and with companies coming back to the U.S.A theirs is shrinking.
    This is decoy from what they are doing in the Bahamas and other Caribbean Islands and Countries, not to mention other countries around the world, Africa, ect.

  3. Ivan Nava

    Ancient cataclysmic events occurred around 12,800 years ago causing the massive global extinction of ancient human civilizations, all we’ve been taught in school and taught to believe is false, religions all intertwine for the same reason, floods, volcanic eruptions to a brand new discovered crater (32 km in length) in the Greenland ice cap, all we know is staged, wake up. Spirit is real. Believe.

  4. Twostones00

    American companies moved to China because they didn't want to create American jobs. Now we can't afford those goods because of the tariffs, which are really a tax on the people in disguise. Trump is destroying our economy. He even wants another tax cut for his rich friends. Trump is a conman.

  5. Joe Penn

    Chinese officials and the Chinese People/Citizens have millions of dollars invested into the American Economy, they should fear the Monetary loss even greater. Like Our Latino Neighbors to the south, dollars made in America are sent back home where it funds those countries economies and when Americas economy grows every country grows. China can't afford to disable It's major bank role

  6. Joe Penn

    The Frog strangling the Heroin as the Heroin ties to eat and swallow the Frog. China's question is how and where to strike this Frog while enclosing it at same time.
    Jehovah's prophets foretold about this time and His words recorded by his Disciples as the time comes to that day. Mohammad's Aorta was cut by Allah his God for lying as Muhammad said he would.
    Chinese officials and authorities refuse to let Christians gather to hear the Word's of God the True God Jehovah and heed the Testimony of Jesus Christ of Galilee.

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