I’m A Celeb’s Nigel Farage says he was ‘thinking about women’ when plane crashed | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

I’m A Celeb’s Nigel Farage says he was ‘thinking about women’ when plane crashed | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Former UKIP leader has opened up about the terrifying plane crash ordeal that left him severely injured in tonight’s episode of The host admitted that his final thought was “of women” before his plane crashed in the lead-up to the general election in 2010.

Nigel, 59, spoke to fellow campmate, , 38, on the show about his terrifying ordeal. Whilst chatting to the This Morning star, the political figure admitted he finds some activities “quite hard” after sustaining several injuries.

Nigel said: “Where I have the problem is my right hand doesn’t do directly what the brain tells it to do. I even find writing quite hard.” Josie then asked: “Is that from the plane crash?”

“The plane crash. Because of the spinal cord being bruised,” Nigel replied, before Josie quizzed the politician on whether his “life flashed before his eyes”.

“Do you know what I thought about? Women,” Nigel admitted, prompting an intrigued response from his co-star. Josie asked: “Women? Really? Which one you loved the most?”

Nigel replied: “All that stuff, yeah. Children obviously and just thought, ‘Let’s hope this is over quickly.’”

Josie then reflected: “You just think you’re about to die and all you think about is love.”

“Very interesting,” Nigel agreed, before going on to discuss the bone-chilling incident in more detail.

“Then it was bang, cartwheeling through the air and then stuck, upside down in the seat, everything broken, in a bad way,” he said. “Then I thought, if I get through this it’ll be a miracle. After that, I never let little things annoy me.”

“You see the bigger picture now. Did you take a step back from work?” Josie asked, to which Nigel replied: “No, straight back to work. I was back in the European Parliament. Shouldn’t have been, I still had broken ribs.”

Later in the Bush Telegraph, Josie noted: “The thing is he said women, not woman.”

Ahead of the 2010 general election, Nigel suffered a punctured lung, two chipped vertebrae, several fractured ribs and a fractured sternum after his plane plummeted towards earth.

At the time, the former UKIP leader was beginning his Brexit campaign, attempting to fly a banner with the “leave” message high in the sky.

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! continues tomorrow night at 9pm on ITV.

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