Iranian lawmakers shout ‘death to America,’ burn U.S. flag

Iranian lawmakers shout ‘death to America,’ burn U.S. flag

Just one day after President Trump announced the U.S. would pull out of the Iran Deal, Iranian parliament burned an American flag while chanting “death to America.”

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  1. Noelia Noliz

    Gee I wonder why! Could it be because Israel is bombing the shit out of innocent Iranian's as we speak, and the US supports every action of Israel, even unjustified murder? Hmmmmm I wonder why those Iranians are so angry? Could it also be because we stole their money to begin with and then we gave them back the money that already belonged to them before we stole it? And then we called it a "deal"?! Wake up you brainwashed Democrats and Republicans. Stop watching mainstream TV. Start watching Blackstone Intelligence on YOUTUBE. Let's spread the TRUTH for a change.

  2. Sunshine Bright

    Trump is bringing the world together. During this trump era other nations are realizing America isn't necessary for survival. They are realizing that America has no power. Trump is making America a great failure. Thanks Trump and white americans

  3. Sharif Mahmud

    AIPAC?? It promote democrats more Trump scandal more Trump jumps under umbrella of Zionist lobby!!
    What a joke US President nothing more than piece of toilet paper!!
    Bring more Stormy Danielle & Mueller summons more crazier is the Bull !!😆😎😃


    Their true colors are showing. If you think they wanted to have this deal as a mutual relationship, think again. They just wanted our money and now that they aren't getting it, they're showing their real views toward us.

  5. Phuong Nguyenl

    this is show thar iran is a crook if they sincere on the deal not to make nuclear weapon then they should sit and talk . but this show that they are a crook .they good with burn flag and support terrorist . that all they do . oh one more thing they like to cry too.

  6. TheDorianTube

    I thought that only edgy kids and goatfuckers extremist thought that burning flags means or does something. Those are supposed to be educated politicians. I really really start to believe that they're missing some IQ points in those regions. That's the equivalent of an idiot kid retaliate his sister by shredding her favorite toy : /

  7. Caddy B

    Why did Obama give these CAUCASIAN Camel Jockeys 400 million in cash???they Opress women hate gays Support slavery and MASS murder. i thought liberals were supposed to be against human rights atrocities.🐒

  8. omgFPV no

    Lol, why are people surprised that they are shouting "Death to America"? The Nuclear deal was meant to stop these people from arming themselves…for a reason. Hard Sanctions is the next step. It needs to be renegotiated.

  9. Hamid Dr

    Im persian😔😞😭so sorry American people! They never show the reality of Iranian people! I never wish any one die…Im not going to kill anybody…Im a human like every other of who live on the earth .we growing in war…war with government,war with family,war with our selves …please do not think of our fury same as who governs us… we love other countries…if you don't believe,come to iran and see how well you would we be nice to you…that's a nasty fight for the governments please let the people be in peace …

  10. davids11131113

    'Opinion polls show a majority of Americans favor staying in the deal'…..rubbish, I sure wasn't asked. Also I'd bet 9 out of 10 Americans couldn't accurately describe what 'the deal' even is in any way.

  11. ArianAdonis

    "It didnt bring calm, and it didn't bring peace " …man he says that shit like that's what they really want…there is too much money invested in wars for those in power to actually want peace.

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