James Martin: ‘I’m about to burst into tears’ Saturday Morning host reveals to guests | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

James Martin: ‘I’m about to burst into tears’ Saturday Morning host reveals to guests | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

James Martin, 56, showed off scrumptious looking recipes to Angellica Bell and chef Brian Turner on the weekly ITV cookery show last weekend.

During the episode, James joked about getting emotional when he was cooking Spanish meatballs.

Brian spoke about classical music and said: “If I had my real wish in life, I would love to conduct at the Albert Hall.”

Following a jibe from James, Brian added: “You’ve got to aim for the top chef.” 

He said: “But I would cry, I would be in tears.”

Whilst stirring the saucepan, James said: “I’ve just tasted this and I’m just about to burst into tears to be honest.”

Laughing, Brian interjected: “Is that because you’ve put too much salt in there?”

Angellica also asked James whether he gets emotional when he cooks food for people.

“Well it’s difficult to get emotional with these lot,” James quipped whilst looking at his crew.

“I get emotional when they’ve gone to be honest,” he continued. “I get quite animated.”

Also on the show, James jokingly got told he’d get “hit” if he wasn’t careful by Brian as he made his scallop and streaky bacon dish.

In an attempt to speed things up, James started” “Why don’t I do that and you cook the scallops? “Otherwise the news will be on in a minute.”

“Are we running out of time? I’m being so relaxed here,” Brian responded, before appearing to maintain his pace.

The former Saturday Kitchen Live presenter then quipped: “My director’s saying we’ve missed it – it’s been on already!”

Just minutes later, in an attempt to get to the end of the segment, James said: “Just get them [scallops] in the pan, fella.”

Brian then replied: “Do you know, I remember when you never used to panic and now suddenly you’ve got bosses. I don’t have bosses – I’m a guest here today.”

James then joked: “Guest would mean that you’re invited, you just haven’t left since the last time you were here.”

However, Brian then stated bluntly: “If you use that joke one more time I’m going to hit you.”

The trio laughed off the moment and went on to tuck into the delicious looking dish.

James Martin’s Saturday Morning airs weekly on ITV from 9.25am.

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