Jennifer Lopez on Her Power Bossness, ‘Second Act’ and A-Rod

Jennifer Lopez on Her Power Bossness, ‘Second Act’ and A-Rod

The hustle instilled in her, as one of three daughters of a computer technician and a kindergarten teacher, has served her well professionally. Nuyorican, the production company she founded nearly two decades ago, has lately been on an upswing, with TV series (“Shades of Blue,” the NBC cop drama that she starred in for three seasons, until it ended in August; “Good Trouble,” a spinoff of her Freeform family show “The Fosters;” and the popular reality series “World of Dance,” on which Lopez is a judge) and many movie projects in the works.

They include romantic comedies like “Marry Me,” a takeoff on “Notting Hill,” but with music; an HBO drama about the life of Griselda Blanco, the Miami drug kingpin; and another true-story feature about strippers who schemed to defraud their customers. A mini-series about the Latin American history of California, with Gregory Nava, the screenwriter of “Selena,” and a behind-the-barre show set in a university dance department — “Fame” meets “Black Swan” — are also in development, Goldsmith-Thomas said.

Though Lopez is interested in giving more representation to Latinx characters and artists, she said, she also believes not every story needs that. With romantic comedies and the like, “you just want it to be a person — everyman, everywoman.” The new movie doesn’t explore Maya’s roots. “It doesn’t matter,” Lopez said, dropping in an expletive. “Like, she’s a person with feelings. That’s it. She’s a human being who struggles.”

Meanwhile, Lopez is so radiant, she looks like she’s been Instagram-filtered. As I sat across from her, surrounded by tall orchids and bright roses, those aphoristic pillows started to seem really credible, especially with a phalanx of uniformed staff to clean and fluff them. She was willfully positive (happiness is “the choice I make every day”) but also bristled, in a relatable way, at how women have been forever discounted. In the Time’s Up era, “I really feel like we’re changing that,” she said.

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