Kobe Bryant embraced LA's Latino community | USA TODAY

Kobe Bryant embraced LA's Latino community | USA TODAY

LA’s Latino community mourns Kobe Bryant’s passing. Bryant ‘spoke to all of us.’

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  1. Luminary Harris

    People are too focused on Kobe Bryant and they're not focused on what really happened to the helicopter. That pilot was instructed to fly in bad weather by somebody ( that same kind of somebody that threatened Stormy Daniels in the parking lot. They're known as jackals )and take that chopper down. Even the LAPD grounded their choppers. That pilot had an outstanding track record, now he decided to ruin that track record by flying in weather that was horrible that day. That doesn't make any kind of sense. Stop putting what happened to the helicopter second . The media putting Kobe first distracts you of what really happened to that chopper.

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