Luis Severino’s Injury Remains a Mystery. Detective Brian Cashman Is on the Case.

Luis Severino’s Injury Remains a Mystery. Detective Brian Cashman Is on the Case.

“Maybe something happened,” Severino said. “I can’t say nothing. But I’m happy now they found out what was going on and we are on the right way to fix it.”

Severino said he has five more weeks in which he would receive treatment without throwing. After that, he hopes to resume some baseball activities. He didn’t have a return date to the major leagues in mind yet.

“I just want to get healthy and help the team to come back,” he said.

Severino is just one of many Yankees’ injuries this season. Their 12 players on the injured list are the most in the major leagues. When first baseman Greg Bird landed on the I.L. on Tuesday with a torn plantar fascia in his left foot, he was the 13th Yankees player to have landed on the I.L. this year.

Injuries are inevitable during a long regular season. Third baseman Miguel Andujar suffered a small labral tear in his right shoulder when diving back to a base. Catcher Gary Sanchez, who could return as soon as Sunday, sustained a left calf strain when he scrambled back to third base on a pickoff attempt, Cashman said.

But the sheer number of injuries in a short span, particularly when some have lingered far longer than first expected, has raised questions about the Yankees’ medical procedures. Throughout these weeks, Cashman said his belief in the team’s training and medical staffs, which work in conjunction with NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center, has remained high.

“We have tremendous people,” Cashman said. “And as I’ve said and we’ve talked about in our meetings, it’s a party line, too.”

And by that, Cashman meant that certain injured Yankees — including relief pitcher Dellin Betances, who was dealt a setback in his rehabilitation from a shoulder injury and will miss another six to seven weeks — received a second opinion from a doctor requested by their agents. Center fielder Aaron Hicks, who was originally expected to miss only a few days in March with a back injury but has not yet returned, was also sent to an outside back specialist in Florida during his rehabilitation.

“So as we’re walking through this in real time, we’re giving information that we’re getting on the front end from experts,” Cashman said. “We think this is going to be fine and he’ll get through it, and then we have to go into an even further dive.”

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