Max Greenfield of ‘The Neighborhood’ Takes His Daughter Out for Ice Cream

Max Greenfield of ‘The Neighborhood’ Takes His Daughter Out for Ice Cream

“It’s funny to play that and then on the weekend you’re going to a 2-year-old’s birthday party,” he said.

He has since diversified his portfolio. He starred opposite Sally Field in the awkward romantic film “Hello, My Name Is Doris,” had a cameo as a possible love interest to Will on the reboot of “Will & Grace,” played a drug addicted tenant of a haunted inn in Ryan Murphy’s “American Horror Story: Hotel” and, most recently, had a supporting role in “What Men Want,” a film starring Taraji P. Henson as a woman who can read men’s minds.

After the long days required on a single-camera show like “New Girl,” Mr. Greenfield was wary of rushing into another project. “I certainly wasn’t going to take a show unless I really believed in it,” he said.

In fact, he initially passed on “The Neighborhood.” But he was granted a second chance when the producers were looking to replace the lead role in the pilot. “I got to watch the pilot, which you never get to do,” he said. “So all of these unknowns when you read a script, which is terrifying, those were gone. I was like, ‘Oh, this is like a real show. There’s so many places this could go.’”

The burger arrived, and Mr. Greenfield cut it in half for his daughter.

“I’d always wanted to do a multicam, but they’re so hard to get right,” he said, referring to the classic sitcom format filmed in front of a live audience, which has recently fallen out of favor. “The minority used to be the cool indie show — now there’s like, seven thousand cool indie shows and we’re the minority. You want to be part of the thing you can’t find anywhere else.”

Halfway through her burger, Lilly was ready for her next course. “Can I please be done,” she said.

“One more big bite and I’ll order dessert,” he said. She called his bluff, reminding him that the order for the frozen hot chocolate had already been placed. “She’s smarter than me,” he said, sighing. “Not that that’s saying much.”

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