Maxine Waters to Steven Mnuchin: 'No! You just made me an offer… I accepted.'

Maxine Waters to Steven Mnuchin: 'No! You just made me an offer… I accepted.'

During a testy day on Capitol Hill, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin was confronted with a barrage of questions pertaining to President Donald Trump’s tax returns, whether his department would comply with a congressional request for the documents and threatened to never voluntarily appear before members of Congress again.

Mnuchin, who appeared before Congress for two separate hearings on Tuesday, said while he had not spoken with the White House about the request from House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard Neal, D-Mass., for six years worth of Trump’s tax returns, the Treasury Department’s legal team has had conversations with the White House about the returns.

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  1. Jethro Tulle

    mad max at it again. with an IQ of 87..compared with Mnuchin's IQ 146 it was a sad fight. Max is corrupt..voted the most unethical rep in congress with her corrupt 12 million dollar BAILOUT by the FED by Paulson for her husbands "YOU ONE BANK" as well as her ignorance on all topics and her inciting violence and flagrant race baiting and racism she is truly as disgusting vile swamp monsters and exactly what is wrong with our government. Only Good thing about 'ol med max is she is really really old, senile and has dementia, has physical health problems….and face it she ain't got much time left. Buh Bye Maxine…. TICK TOCK TICK TOCK!!!!!

  2. Hulahoney 70

    Mad Max is outrageous. What about her using her position to help save her Hubby's Banking Business with Federal Dollars from our tax money. She needs to stop talking. Public is tired of the corrupt Democraps pursuing yet AGAIN the Russian Collusion, Potus taxes, inappropriate impeachment and everything else they can do to drag out their days rather than working on real legislation. Stop wasting our tax dollars on her salary. Disappointed.

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