Miami bridge collapse scene is now a ‘recovery mission’

Miami bridge collapse scene is now a ‘recovery mission’

Miami-Dade Police Detective Alvaro Zabaleta confirmed ‘at least six fatalities’ after a newly-built bridge collapsed on Florida International University’s campus Thursday afternoon.


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  1. ojibwa E

    $14.5 million federal taxpayer dollar went to build a bridge for a university, very what happened. But there is no way in hell that federal money , my money your money should have been used for this failed project.

  2. Alla Bord

    Why can't America build bridges anymore? This bridge remind me of bridge in another state, that collapsed and killed many and it remind me of earthquake in California, where (not builders) but earthquake killed so many crushed under the weight of the highway. I cannot watch this because I was in California and I see to much death already. 14 million dollars to build this one walk way. Does not make sense and then if falls down. Someone should be responsible for this and all the death and destruction it has caused to many unsuspecting families.

  3. roy rodgers

    Florida gov. what a wast they want gun control they can't even build a bridge they are cheap people using cheap material and labor they should have hired Germans not the spanish have you seen Germany bridges.

  4. Drew Liedtke

    I'm no engineer, but unless a bridge is made completely of steel, it's going to need plenty of support beams in the middle. All I can get out of this is that this bridge wasn't designed by an engineer, not even an amateur one. How this bridge passed any safety inspection is truly baffling.

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