More people sick from E. coli amid romaine lettuce scare

More people sick from E. coli amid romaine lettuce scare

Nine more people have become sick after eating romaine lettuce amid an E. coli outbreak, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The total of people infected is now 52 across 15 states, the CDC said Thursday. The highest number of cases have been reported in California and New Jersey, each reporting 11 people sick. Seven people in Michigan, and six each in New Hampshire and New York were reported. Other states affected include: Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Wisconsin.

Nineteen people have been hospitalized, including two who suffered from kidney failure. No deaths have been linked to the outbreak.

Health officials in Canada are investigating an additional 27 cases.

Illnesses were first reported on Oct. 5.

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