North and South Korea leaders hold hands

North and South Korea leaders hold hands

North and South Korea leaders hold hands after arriving for a historic summit between the two countries.


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  1. ImJustTooGuud

    Lmao these Trump haters are in denial! Trump accomplished something that Obama couldn’t do in 8 years! And for the people saying that Trump didn’t have anything to do with this, he literally had a meeting with Kim Jong Un and he agreed to this. The president of South Korea has also thanked and credited Trump with this.


    North Korea has gone as far as it can with it's nuclear missile program.  It never intended going any further.  It wanted to get the world to sit up and notice and it was hugely successful in that.  It now has a huge bargaining chip and has opened negotiations in order to use that lever.  Watch with caution.

  3. #BananaRepublicUSA.

    I am not trying to destroy this beautiful moment. But we should probably take into consideration North Korea’s nuclear testing facility collapse in on itself with potential to cause radiation fallout on to China. The Chinese leader let Kim Jong know that this would be the last time he put his people and the Chinese people in danger’s way. This could have something to do with Kim Jong’s change of heart. I personally don’t care what caused it i’m just glad to see it happen.

    ( ( ( ((((((((IMAGINE WORLD PEACE )))))))) ) ) )

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