Opinion | Dennis Kucinich: ‘History Has Proved Me Right’

Opinion | Dennis Kucinich: ‘History Has Proved Me Right’

To the Editor:

Re “The Trump Doctrine, Revealed” (column, nytimes.com, Sept. 19):

Bret Stephens writes: “Weakness was, is and remains provocative — especially when it’s weakness masked in bluster. Trump may have the rhetorical impulses of Bob Dornan, but the Iranians have noticed that he has the strategic instincts of Dennis Kucinich.”

But history has proved me right.

I led the effort in the House of Representatives against the Iraq war. I worked to stop the United States’ attacks against Serbia, Iran and Libya, while also leading initiatives to get out of Afghanistan.

I delivered more than 500 speeches in Congress warning of the danger to United States security — the human and economic costs of baseless wars.

The wars have made us less safe and have wasted trillions of dollars.

The neocons who profit from war are still looking for the Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. Their endless self-righteous baying at the Iranian moon, given their record of fabrication and failure, proves that their thirst for blood is never quenched.

Unlike Mr. Stephens, who was a prominent cheerleader for the Iraq war, I saw through the lies then and I see through them now.

Dennis J. Kucinich
The writer, a Democrat, was a member of Congress from 1997 to 2013.

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