Opinion: Emergencies President Trump’s wall cannot solve

Opinion: Emergencies President Trump’s wall cannot solve

The partial government closure is mostly due to impasse in negotiations, but other emergencies can’t go unnoticed while debate over the wall rages on.

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  1. Rosiered Betta

    Did this biased hit piece mention the 150,000,000,000(BILLION) dollars these demonrats have earmarked for "foreign aid"??? Did these demons at usa today mention the hundreds of BILLIONS spent every year for ILLEGALS who came here for over 20 yrs. now….or even during obammy's 8 yrs. of hell..that dropped a beaner on U.S. soil..and suddenly they got FREE EVERYTHING…and are now "d.a.c.a." caca's who were given even COLLEGE educations, many became lawyers to fight for the rights of "undocumented" as they like to be sneaky, and LIE about how their families are LAWBREAKERS for a few decades now??????

  2. peter lee

    This is proof that Trump does not care about America and it's people. He lies all the time. He only cares about himself and his ego. Trump can't relate or see how much the people affected by the government shut down are hurting, because he had never been afraid of not being able to pay the rent, mortgage and stressed out about not being able to afford food. Trump grew up wealthy and is wealthy, so he sees whomever is not wealthy as sub-human.

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