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Orange Is the New Black: What happened between Taystee and Cindy? | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

All seven seasons of Orange Is the New Black are available to stream and download on Netflix now. Two of the show’s most memorable characters were the duo Tasha ‘Taystee’ Jefferson (played by Danielle Brooks) and Cindy Hayes (Adrienne C Moore), also known as Black Cindy. Adrienne C Moore spoke exclusively to about their estranged relationship in the final season of OITNB.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers about OITNB seasons 4-7

What happened between Taystee and Cindy?

From season one to halfway through season six of Orange Is the New Black, Taystee and Cindy were inseparable.

However, in season five, something happened which would later change their relationship forever.

The death of Poussey Washington (Samira Wiley) in season four of OITNB sparked a prison riot which was the storyline of the entire fifth season.

Everything came to a head in the final episode of season five, when evil guard Desi Piscatetella (Brad William Henke) was accidentally killed by one of his own men.

Instead of owning up to the tragic accident, the security forces chose to frame one of the inmates of Litchfield.


Taystee is played by Danielle Brooks (Image: NETFLIX)

In the finale, Taystee held a gun to Piscatella but did not shoot.

Instead, she broke down in tears, exclaiming: “I miss her [Poussey] so much.’”

Sadly, Taystee was made scapegoat for the death of Piscaetella, firstly being named by Frieda Berlin (Dale Soules).

When being questioned by the FBI in season six, Cindy said she was not hiding in the pool area with the other inmates but the FBI agent told her that her DNA was found on the gun.

In a monumental mess up, Cindy told the agent: “I only had it for two seconds when I was taking the gun from T.”

Unfortunately, the agent was quick to work out T was Taystee.

Cindy then had no option but to incriminate Taystee to protect herself from serving more time in prison.

She did try to tell Taystee about what she told the FBI, but Cindy could not face the truth.

Instead, Cindy told Taystee for the first time that she had a daughter named Monica.


Cindy is played by Adrienne C. Moore

Cindy is played by Adrienne C. Moore (Image: NETFLIX)

At the end of season six, Cindy had to give testimony at Taystee’s trial, helping secure her guilty conviction.

Throughout the sixth and seventh season, Cindy is crippled with the guilt of what happened to Taystee, suffering extreme back pain as a result.

In season seven, Suzanne (Uzo Abuda) was able to reunite the pair, but Taystee had absolutely no time for Cindy.

Adrienne C Moore told ahead of the season seven premiere: “She is dealing with already having lost one member of her tribe in season four and so her next friend, her next best friend and close friend, they are now becoming estranged and she is feeling that pain outing that she felt with her family.

“She is now dealing with the same feeling of being ostracised by her prison family. It is very difficult for her and you see her dealing with that and dealing with hat in terms of contouring a lot of the issues that she has suppressed.

“It is very tough for her to deal with that and feeling like their family is not there for them or their family doesn’t accept them. Or embrace them and so she’s learning how to deal with that and put a face on but yet mask that the true pain of that and working on what then about her is causing that.

“It is definitely a self-aware season for her, she is becoming very self-aware.”


Cindy and Taystee were best friends

Cindy and Taystee were best friends (Image: NETFLIX)

She added: “And I think for her, that’s what season seven is about for her learning how to move forward. Learning how to forgive herself.”

Cindy was granted early release from prison in season seven and Taystee was able to get revenge by making things difficult for her on the outside.

Taystee sent Cindy’s daughter Monica (Donshea Hopkins) a letter, revealing for the first time that Cindy was her mother, not her older sister as she was led to believe.

The news that Cindy was her mother saw the former Litchfield inmate leave her family home and live on the streets, working as an Elderly Home Caregiver.

For both Cindy and Taystee, things were looking positive for them as season seven came to an end.

Cindy was able to make amends with her daughter, promising they will meet at the same fast-food restaurant every Sunday, to which her daughter agrees.

On the other hand, Taystee was still serving her life sentence in prison but had begun committing herself to her appeal process.

Orange Is the New Black seasons 1 -7 are streaming on Netflix now.

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Taystee is serving life in prison

Taystee is serving life in prison (Image: NETFLIX)

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