'Our gun laws will change': New Zealand Prime Minister after shooting

'Our gun laws will change': New Zealand Prime Minister after shooting

New Zealand Prime Minister said the country’s gun laws will change after the mosque shootings that left 49 dead.

Shootings at two mosques in the New Zealand city of Christchurch on Friday resulted in at least 49 fatalities and the detention of three armed suspects, one charged with murder, in what Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern called a terrorist attack.

As news of the tragedy broke, video also surfaced on social media of a gunman opening fire inside one of the mosques.

Authorities say the planned attacks happened at two mosques in the city. Police also defused explosive devices found in a car. More than 45 people were being treated for gunshot injuries at a nearby hospital.

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  1. Brucev7

    "ICYMI: 120 Christians Slaughtered By Muslim Herders In Nigeria – MEDIA SILENT" 

    As media outlets across the world bring you the minute-by-minute updates of the Christchurch mosque shooting in New Zealand, those same outlets have been mostly silent on the recent mass slaughter of Christians in Nigeria by muslim herdsmen. Those attacks have resulted in 120 dead and 140 homes burned to the ground.


  2. Mingjian Zhang

    Get rich, so that people are less willing to do destructive stuff. I mean your iconic church in Christchurch is still a ruin after earthquake (You are called Christchurch for a reason), why is NZ counted as a developed country if you can't fix stuff?

  3. tongmaa

    Of course, the first thing a politician does, is blame some inanimate object for crime, and effectively denying the right to self-defense; in an already firearms repressive nation. Perhaps, if the mosque worshippers had effective self-defense available, the insane killer (the real criminal and not the means to do his murders; if not even an axe, or samurai sword, then a knife or club to kill, maim and terrorize. So, the "government" promises to terrorize honest and upright citizens and make them defenseless in the face of criminals, people and not guns, who don't care about the "rules" and will use any weapon available to do their murderous will.

    And, what is worse? Stupid, ignorant and unthinking public who blames guns and not the people who do the crime … you poor excuses for being Homo sapiens, sapiens when you are no such thing as intelligent! Wanna-be communal, read communists, jerks who think with their fear and not their reason.

  4. Reub3

    Damn! Hats off to the killers. They had a plan and it worked. They successfully manage to bring their government to its knees and oblige their wishes. I guess violence does work to get your way after all. Heads up everyone more copy cat killings to come.

  5. Phee Fab

    We don't mess around. I love Jacinda. Yes I'm sorry but Australia banned automatic weapons and they haven't had a mass shooting since. America has one, what every fricking day!!!!!! An Australian came to our country and knew he could get one, so kiss your semi-automatic goodbye. You can still have a gun to go legal hunting and sports shoot. And that's what it should be about today. We're making a difference. We should have done this years a go!

  6. Chuck Taylor

    Change your vehicle ownership laws as they kill more than guns in your country. Fix your doctors and hospitals as they kill more than guns in your country. Outlaw cigarettes as they kill more than guns in your country. Outlaw alcohol as it kills more than guns in your country. This is why you don't elect women as they are irrational thinkers.

  7. Everyones A Little Racist

    Most folks dont even understand whats going on as far as systematic migration. This attack was a result of the Imam preaching hate for the west. These are invaders and this is war but most people are too slow to realize this yet. War comes in many forms and people have had enough already.

  8. Brian Egeberg

    Is it ironic an immigrant from Austrailia kills other immigrants in NZ? Planned for 2 years. Could have been much more effective without a gun IMO….and all this idiot WILL do is punish the law abiding. RESIST AT ALL COSTS…

  9. Cool Smooth

    In 2017, dozens of Christians were killed in 2 separate church shootings in Texas and Tennessee and the satanic Jew liberal media barely even talked about it. But when the Muslims are the victims, it’s the biggest story. Evil Antichristian bigot scums the media is.

  10. Randy Marsh

    It's so very obvious whats going on when these puppets come out, almost before the shooting happens, and says the gun laws are to blame. Its a sick sick world we live in when they would kill a whole bunch of innocent people just to try and take our rights from us. The Lake of Fire is for the wicked and these puppets better understand what's at stake here.

  11. MontiR Aruba

    Gun laws don't work you stupid Liberals!!!! Criminals will ALWAYS find ways to get guns!!! Get it through your stupid heads!!! Make it a law that ALL citizens are required to get their gun license and carry guns at all times. You will then see that crime will drop down to ZERO !!!!

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