Pettifogging, Three Amigos and ‘Head on a Pike’: A Trump Impeachment Glossary

Pettifogging, Three Amigos and ‘Head on a Pike’: A Trump Impeachment Glossary

CrowdStrike An American cybersecurity company that investigated how Russians hacked Democratic National Committee servers in 2016. CrowdStrike is the subject of a false conspiracy theory, birthed on the dark web and promoted by Mr. Trump, that claims Ukraine, not Russia, interfered in the 2016 election.

Derek Jeter Representative Hakeem Jeffries joked on Thursday about a fellow New Yorker asking him if he had “heard the latest outrage” — someone didn’t vote for Jeter on their Baseball Hall of Fame ballot, preventing the former Yankees star from becoming the second unanimously elected player:

“I understand that as House managers, certainly we hope we can subpoena John Bolton, subpoena Mick Mulvaney, but perhaps we can all agree to subpoena the Baseball Hall of Fame to try to figure out who out of 397 individuals, one person, voted against Derek Jeter.”

SCIF (Pronouced skiff.) Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility. The secure basement room in the Capitol where the Democrats conducted interviews and depositions related to the impeachment inquiry. Pat A. Cipollone, one of Mr. Trump’s lawyers, claimed that the Democrats denied Republicans access to the facility. But Republicans on the Oversight, Intelligence and Foreign Affairs committees did participate in interviews and depositions in the SCIF, according to PolitiFact.

Senate pages High school students who work as assistants in the chamber, mostly delivering correspondence and documents within the Congressional complex. As the session drew to a close on Wednesday, Senator Mitch McConnell led a round of applause for the Senate pages ahead of the last day of their term:

“In addition to witnessing this unusual event that we’re all experiencing, they’re studying for their final exams as well, and we wish them well as they head off back to boring normal high school,” Mr. McConnell said.

sham investigations What Democrats say Mr. Trump wanted Ukraine to conduct into the Bidens.

sham impeachment -A social media hashtag that conservative lawmakers and others are using to describe the proceedings.

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