Photos From the Hong Kong Protests

Photos From the Hong Kong Protests

Angry demonstrators spread out across Hong Kong on Tuesday, disrupting transportation and the central business district and setting fires on a college campus, while riot police officers sprayed tear gas and water cannons to try to stop them.

The clashes came a day after the nearly six-month-old protests turned particularly violent. On Monday, a police officer shot a protester at point-blank range, and a man who scolded protesters was set on fire. Both victims were in critical condition on Tuesday morning.

Protesters are calling for greater democracy and policy accountability and have not been satisfied by concessions made by Hong Kong’s chief executive, Carrie Lam.

The city is scheduled to hold elections on Nov. 24. Protesters hope to convert deep public anger into electoral gains, but the authorities have barred a prominent democracy activist from running.

Ms. Lam told reporters on Tuesday that her government would do its “very best” to ensure the elections were held in a “fair, just, safe, orderly” manner.

Here are photos from the protests on Tuesday.

A protester hurled a projectile at the police during a clash on the Chinese University of Hong Kong campus.

Protesters shared the location of nearby police officers over a megaphone, so they could deploy other demonstrators around the campus.

In the evening, riot police officers lined a street on the campus.

The protesters turned to makeshift items like artwork and tree branches from around campus to use as shields.

Medics helping an injured protester.

A fire served as a barricade between campus protesters and the police.

The demonstrations lasted until late into the evening.

The protesters, mostly students, used a bus to block a road.

A camouflaged demonstrator held a projectile while hiding in the bushes on campus.

Protesters were met with a barrage of tear gas.

Until recently, university campuses had remained generally untouched.

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