President Donald Trump plans to "Keep America Great" | USA TODAY

President Donald Trump plans to "Keep America Great" | USA TODAY

Trump said he plans to ‘Keep America Great’ in his 2020 re-election kickoff.
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President Donald Trump formally kicked off his 2020 re-election campaign at a 20,000-seat arena in Orlando.

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  1. Sabine Around the World

    Trump blew it. His goofy fans were expecting a New Season but got re-runs instead. Guess those Knuckleheads couldn't find one of the supposed jobs the Bankruptcy President created, they've been sitting in 100 degree heat for 3 days. All that time to hang around and live off true Americans, hard earned taxes. The Mountain Dewers are in for a Bigly surprise, Yuge.

  2. Hybrid InfoDesk

    Empire of death, Egypt, trying to get those biblical curses off them. Having a slavery reparations hearing.

    Keep your man made up pieces of paper with pictures and numbers on them backed by nothing. You are printing by boatloads every time your economy tanks. And you need too gas up heads, everything is okay. Ron Paul, Liberty Report, America is bankrupt, broke, busted. Cant pay its bills.

    You have nothing of value. Infrastructure crumbling. Military on do or die if it attacks Iran. Can't afford to be another Vietnam, Syria or Yemen.

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